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Finding your driver:

I want to share with you, some of my personal drivers...

It might be a few words, it might be a special person, it might just be deciding that a choice now can determine your destiny. Perhaps you have a clear view of where you want to be at 6o. Whatever leads you to discover them, I want you to discover your own superpowers. 

Never give up on finding your superpower.

No matter how mild, finding your super-power can be a lifechanger, like it was for Tim.

The only real failure is the failure to 


I knew I needed to change my fate. But doing so meant showing up and being seen without knowing what the outcome would be. It meant I had to allow myself to be vulnerable. To do that I had to remember something: The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing.

So I jumped in and took that risk.

And you know what? When you raise up those around you, fill them up with hope, motivation and good stuff, you fill yourself up as well. You make yourself bigger. So start working out how the people around you can live the best possible life they can. Challenge their norm and help them to see a better future. 

What you focus on expands:
I guarantee you'll start to feel different. 

Start a


and develop 


I learned a very long time ago that the best way to educate yourself and grow with what you've learned, is to listen intently.  Listening gave me the opportunity to take in wisdom from those around me, allow my subconscious to process it, and put my new knowledge to work in driving my goals for the future. 

So my advice to you is this:  Find your solid - the thing you can be relied upon for, by your family friends and colleagues. Don't worry about your Special, or your Unique, or your Fantastic. Just start with solid.  Superpowers come more readily once you've found your first one. 

Give it a go

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