“Sometimes, a speaker's words stay with you for a long time after the conference has finished.
Tim Hoopmann is one of those speakers.”

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Automate to Survive


Handle More Customers More Easily

Many industries and business are experiencing disruptive technology that is changing the way they operate. It is also changing the way that we work (and expect to work) It can be exciting and overwhelming. To survive we must adapt. Where do I begin? How to  navigate the software and app choices?  What is the best implementation strategy? 


Tim Hoopmann addresses these challenges and more to help your quest to automate and better manage customers.

Mental Health & Technology


Allowing Employers to Manage Change

What’s the number one cause of stress for your teams? Chances are it is the impact of technology and the lack of strategy to combat change. How is this technology impacting the mental health of you and your teams? What strategies does your business have in place for better workplace wellbeing?

Tim Hoopmann addresses the impact of technology on teams and the importance of well being plans for individuals and their workplaces.

Act Like A Rock Star Salesman

Why getting out selling can be the best thing you do each week

Selling can be an activity that is often delayed. The fear of rejection.  Concerned about team capacity. Managing objections. All these can be natural reactions to selling.

Hear Tim Hoopmann share how he overcame these roadblocks and discovered the power of selling.

Is Fear Holding You Back?

How fear can be overcome to reignite your passion.

Fear can effect all of us in many and varied ways. If it is effecting your  business then time to take action.

Learn form Tim Hoopmann how to face your fear and get back on track both personally and professionally..

Tim Hoopmann has an innate understanding of where business is going, and a brilliant ability to take you there.  If you are looking for an immensely positive vibe for your next conference, if you seek to breathe the fire of performance into your team,

you must see Hoopmann. 

- Graeme Wood, CSG

Beyond Blue

Featured speaker in the following events

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Australian Security Industry Association (ASIAL)

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Sydney Metro

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Botanic Gardens & Centennial Parklands

LJ Hooker

Clinic To Cloud

Beyond Blue

Featured speaker in the following events

Grace Lawyers


Sydney FC

Gertrude Abbott Aged Care



Sydney Multicultural Community

City of Sydney

Disability Employment Australia Leaders' Forum

Nobleoak Insurance

Thomson Reuters


South Eastern Community Connect: Spanish Seniors Group

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